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PriceMDs.com is “KAYAK”
for Healthcare!

  • Compare price of services for healthcare providers in your area and beyond
  • Search by Price, Location, or Physician
  • Take advantage of deeply discounted pricing
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  • Get exact all inclusive pricing
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All inclusive pricing

PriceMDs.com search provides the consumers healthcare transparency of pricing with prior knowledge of the quality of the care they are receiving. Pricing is all inclusive so that a surgery price includes the surgeons, anesthesiologists and facility fees all in one. The patient knows the price she is paying before the service just like booking travel. PriceMDs.com never charges the patient. PriceMDs.com is your solution to unaffordable healthcare.



About PriceMDs.com

PriceMDs.com is a Proprietary Search Engine to find patients deeply discounted prices for quality healthcare. PriceMDs.com searches for all inclusive pricing for healthcare procedures and services. PriceMDs.com offers search by Price, Procedure, Location, Facility and/or Doctor.
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Advertised pricing may not be applicable to Medicare and Medicaid patients. If you are covered by Medicare or by a Medicaid program, please check with your provider to confirm applicable rates.